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Bulldog Wheels For Milling-Bevel-Polishing

Bullnose Diamond Wheels for Bulldog ADV BI-Bulldog ADV. Three levels of finishing rough finished polished. The Bull Dog is still the undisputed leader of the profiling machine. The Bull Dog machine can tackle a wide variety of jobs. Although every wheel won’t be needed to perfrom a bullnosing task for best result use these wheels in order from Step 1 to Step 7 to achieve the required finish. 

  1. Diamond Milling Wheel
  2. Rough Finishing Wheel
  3. 400 Grit Polishing Wheel
  4. 800 Grit Polishing Wheel
  5. 1500 Grit Polishing Wheel
  6. 1800 Grit Polishing Wheel
  7. 3500 Grit Polishing Wheel