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Security Policy

We take the security of our customer's financial and personal information very seriously. This page documents what we do to protect your important data from being discovered by third parties and also the lengths we go to to make online purchasing secure.

Shopping online with us is as safe as shopping in a store or over the phone. Our site uses the highest encryption possible to make sure that your details are safe while being passed between you and us. When entering your credit card, the browser will automatically redirected you to the  payment site and will display the padlock image on the bottom right of your screen. Whenever the padlock is shown, you are working in what is known as a 'secure' mode, at this point anything you send to  will be encrypted using high strength encryption. Your credit card details go directly to the bank for processing.

The high levels of security we use while you are using our site we take special steps to protect you and your credit card. Your credit card details are never stored by us and our staff have no access to your sensitive payment details.

As additional security our online payment transactions use the CVV2 number (the last three digits on the signature strip of your credit or debit card) to guard against card fraud.

We can accept the following Credit/Debit cards