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Tile Levelling System (CLIPS/WEDGES)

Raimondi Tile Levelling System RLS is a revolution in tile setting. In addition to ensuring the proper levelling of tiles this system helps to speed up the tile Laying process. RLS is strongly recommended when installing any size of tile be it large square format or wooden rectangle plank type. RLS is made up of three elements clips spacers wedges and pliers .Clips are available in two different versions for tiles from 3 up to 12 mm thickness and for tiles from 12 up to 20 mm thickness. The wedge works for both clip sizes and it is re usable virtually forever. Special traction-adjustable pliers are available in two different versions for floor or for walls. The use of the pliers speed up the insertion of the wedge in the clips. It also optimises the pressure on the tile. RLS is the easiest and quickest to remove levelling system available simply kick the spacers to remove the unnecessary part from the installed floor. No tool required. See full range All prices INCLUDE VAT.