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Fluid Mixer Raimondi 238 EUN

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Ceramic Tiling Tools

  • £442.95

For mixing fluid materials such as self-levelling, cement-based grout, paint and others.
• Perfect mixing, time for mixing cut off 50%, it eliminates fatigue for transporting the materials once mixed.
• Sturdy steel frame, rubber wheels, dust-free cap.
• Available in two versions:
Art. 238 UN: 4 swivel wheels and inclinable bucket which allows to pour the mixture uniformly.
Art. 238 EUN:2 fixed wheels and two levers for pouring the mixture.• Buckets (Art. 289LT75) capacity:
75 litres of mixed material;
75/100 Kg of dry (still to be mixed) material.
• Universal attachment for drills/mixers from Ø 40 mm to Ø 60 mm.
• 3 spirals mixing-paddle (art.178389H); Ø 140 mm; stem length: 680 mm; screw attachment 14M.
• Equipped with: 1 bucket 75 litres; 1 mixing-paddle, mixer NOT included. Price includes Vat

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