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Slanted and Round Notched Trowels 28x13cm 6-15mm (select option)

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Ceramic Tiling Tools

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Slanted and Round Notched Trowels
The slanted and rounded notch provide the following advantages. When placing a tile on adhesive spread with a slanted ridge, the ridges overlap and collapse to provide superior adhesive coverage on the back of the tile vs. a standard notched trowel. Superior adhesive bonding also increases the efficiency of under floor heating systems since it removes air pockets which inhibit the transfer of heat to the flooring. This collapsible ridge and its ability to provide maximum coverage is even more valuable in cases where bond failure is more prevalent such as: large format tile installations, high moisture areas such as pools and spas, and installations subject to extremes in temperature (i.e. exterior installations). Rust proof stainless steel 0.7 mm. Rubber handle mounted on a die-cast aluminium core. Prices include VAT.

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