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Bulldog BI Bull-Nosing Tiles And Stone

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Bulldog BI Bull-Nosing Tiles And Stone
• For bull-nosing and bevelling. Create 1/2 Bullnose, full bullnose, 45° bevel (mitre) on marble granite, porcelain, single and double fired.
• Double motor assembly for operating with two diamond wheels of different type simultaneously and cut times.
• Maximum length of shaping: 120 cm
• Minimum tile width: 4 cm. Maximum tile width: 60 cm.
• Maximum depth of shaping/radius half bullnose: 30 mm.
• Maximum depth of shaping full bullnose: 22 mm; wheel radius: 11 mm.
• Optional:  external tank + pump kit.
• Optional: device for automatic feed.
• Optional: wheel kit feed.
• Three levels of finishing: rough, finished, polished.
• Gear ratio of motor to wheel 1 ÷ 1.6. Drive belt type poly V.
• Heavy duty water pumps provides superior wheel cooling.
• Supplied with: universal table, key kit with wrench, dressing stone, user and maintenance manual. Price includes Vat.

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