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Tile cutter 245RAI125S Raimondi

Tile Cutter cuts 125cm 254RAI125S

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  • £700.00

Tile Cutter 254RAI125S push cutter. Maximum Length of cuts 125 cm diagonal 88 cm.  Automatic breaking pad drops down when the handle is raised and flips up when scoring.The pad design gives superior leverage when breaking the thicker porcelains. Comes with cast aluminium board makes this cutter light while the steel rail and roller provide superior strength. The cutting wheel is mounted with a pin that can be easily tapped out for quick and effortless wheel replacement.comes with a pivoting fence for cuts from 0° to 75° with pre-marked stops at the popular angles of 15/30/45 degrees. A sliding stop that flips up out of the way to make additional cut without losing your previous measurements. The spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide alternate breaking methods and the proper amount of impact absorption to reduce broken tile especially on the harder porcelains. Will cut tiles up to 25 mm thick. See full range of cutters Price includes VAT

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